Everyone on set needs to be examined, feels Saumya Tandon

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The Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain actor Saumya Tandon desires a monitoring company to guarantee the federal government tips are adopted on units of TV exhibits.

Updated: Jun 06, 2020 17:31 IST

Saumya feels everyone seems to be determined to get again to work as they’re nervous about their livelihoods that may lead to lapses and carelessness.

While the rules to restart shootings for movie and TV exhibits have been launched, there are a variety of choices and plans wanted to fulfil circumstances earlier than any capturing begins. Actor Saumya Tandon, who stars in a preferred sitcom, has some robust questions. 

“The guidelines say only 33% of a standard unit will be operational but I think everyone on set should be tested for Covid-19 even if they don’t show symptoms, so to eliminate any chances. There is no such point recommended in the guidelines,” says Tandon, including, “Our nature of work is such that we work in close intimacy as we have people who do our make up and hair, people who fix our mics or sari, shoot in close contact with co-stars, and so many other things unlike a regular office where people are in cubicles and can maintain distance,” she states she’s going to search for assurance that everybody is examined as soon as the shoot begins. 

The Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain actor factors out that a variety of her co-actors are blissful to return to work however whereas the rules are shaped, we want to “have a monitoring agency to ensure they are followed”. “The guidelines also say that everyone will be stationed where they are shooting. Moreover, we need to have a monitoring agency to ensure all the guidelines are followed by production houses. It will be upto the individuals to do their bit. Everyone is so desperate to get back to work as everyone is worried about their livelihoods that it can lead to lapses and carelessness. It is scary. The channel heads and creative teams won’t be on the sets while actors and unit members will be. So we have to take extra precautions,” she says.


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